Mathieu Van Nevel C++ Software Developer

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C++ lover, I learn every day !
I have a software developer education, but I learned C++ mostly thanks to StackOverflow and CppCon amazing guys :) Trying to improve my core language knowledge, I'm currently working on modern Metaprogramming and C++17/TS with a ECS library on Github.

My Expertise

Project Management

For team management, Github and Slack are my favorite tools, but I'll probably replace Slack with Riot(Matrix).

Programming Language

Even if I did learn others languages, I'm specilized in C++.

  • Core language with C++11/14/17 and even some TS like C++ concepts
  • Modern Metaprogramming with Boost Hana
  • Graphics with OpenGL (I'd like to learn Vulkan)
  • Design and Architecture: I'm working on a ECS library on Github. Making an easy to understand architecture but with no overhead and good performances.

Developpement Tools

I work on Linux ecosystem. Using NeoVim as IDE and some usefull tools like Git and Docker when I need to. I prefer to rely on simple but efficient tools that I can customize to my needs.


The Architect : Paris [Enodo Games]
  • C++/CryEngine and now C#/Unity DOTS
  • Video Game development
  • Development of the video game The Architect : Paris, I had to learn really quickly my first game engine (and CryEngine wasn't a good idea). I worked on all game aspects, from generating mesh and physic procedurally, to integrating UI and developed some level design tools. And two years after I'm still there, but working with Unity ECS, and leading the team.

  • C++/OpenGl/Ffmpeg
    • Holographic Sales Table, using C++ and OpenGL 3.3. I was working on the software at the same time that my tutor was working on the hardware. You can check the product by clicking on the link below (text in french).
    • Holographic Video Player, using Ffmepg/SDL and C++.

    Holographic Sales Table
    SKF Aeroengine
  • VBA/C#/C++
  • Project Management
  • I worked on a project manager, which had to adapt to some very complex process from SKF. I made a prototype in VBA which was used by several SKF factories. And I started to work on the architecture of the final product (C# MVC client and C++ Server).

    I had to fully manage every aspect of the project (clients, boss...). It's my best professional experience at the moment.


    Featured Projects

  • C++17/TS
  • Modern Metaprogramming with Boost Hana
  • This is a Entity Component System library that I started recently. Using Metaprogramming and Policiy Design, ECS-Concept aim to be an easy to customize with no overhead.

    Check it out
    School Projects
  • C/C++/ASM/Haskell/OCAML/Python/Java/C#
  • Team Management

  • Some of the biggest projects I made during school :

    • Recode of some libc function (string.h, malloc...)
    • Some games, from a Wolf3D (XLib/Ray Casting) to a Bomberman(SFML/OpenGl)
    • A small shell based on zsh (Parser/Lexer/AST/ByteCode...)
    • A geolocalisation mobile software and a small mobile game using Xamarin and MonoGame